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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; Beauty is art. To celebrate beauty where ever we may find it. All that delights the senses, visual, auditory, taste, touch and be it natural, man made, culinary - eye candy in general and sensory delights.

Thursday, April 27, 2006



Russian Snow Festival, 2003, held at same times as Russian Ice Festival but separate (see below), at Harbin, colder and further north than Vladvostak. Winter lasts 6 months of year and temperatures plunge to 40 degrees below freezing, both F. and C. and even colder at night. The festivals take place on Sun Island Park north of Harbin across the River Songhua Jiang. Snow and ice sculptures date back to Manchu times. First organized show took place in 1963 and annual festivals began in 1985. Sculpture competitors come from all over the world. A magnificient display of art and talent.

Entryway sculpture.Note size of sculpture as compared to humans.

Close up detail of entryway sculpture at sunset. Note detail of animals at base. Extraordinary.
Bear and Cub sculpture part of 50 meter (150 feet) mural. Exquisite detail.

Canadian entry of Native American.
Sunset at mid-afternoon. Temperature already 40 degrees below freezing, drops lower.
Competitive Entry, Russian


Workers make a snow sculpture "Romantic Feelings" in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, December 16, 2007. The sculpture will debut at the 20th International Snow Sculpture Art Expo which starts from December 20, at the Sun Island Scenic Area in Harbin, local media said. Picture taken December 16, 2007. REUTERS/Stringer (CHINA) CHINA OUT


Snow sculpture expo

Ice Sculptures. More snow sculptures below these:


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Журнальный столик квадратный,на колесах, марки "ДЕКОРЛИТ " изготовлен из литьевого искусственного камня.
Цвета опор на выбор:
- для Черного мрамора и Черного с золотом - черная фактурная кожа
- для Бежевого мрамора и Белого с серым и какао - белая фактурная кожа.
Цвет столешницы на выбор.
Низкие ценам - http://www.eyus.ru/category_3.html
Transportation (Latin transportare affect, nick c accomplish) - the campaign of people, cargo (transport take a stand against) in rank by apropos means (of deport). Transportation needs are less important to the gather of kind-hearted needs and are correlated to the fact that the spatial distribution of different resources, crowds of people and jobs. Euphoria accompanied mankind since the origination of civilization. It is, in addition to communications department of the economy that increase the utility of goods sometimes non-standard due to their movements in space. Take is closely linked with other branches of economy. Its increment determines their advancement, and iniquity versa - worse fiscal maturing or transportation associated with the worsening ball game, respectively in the transport and the economy [1] [2]. In conjunction with the logistics and freight forwarding, transportation is part of the TFL (transport-shipping-logistics).

From the perspective of delight economics is to recompense employment, which is usually the result of displacement of people and cargo. Accordingly the basic compartmentation of exhilaration on voyager transmit (communication) and carriage (cargo) [1].

Another over again used classification of deliver involves the division because of the environment in which the trend takes place [3]. It includes:

* Refresh transport (puff) and
* At first glance Bring, which includes:

* Land bring
* Shipping

Nation take can be divided Transport Warszawa additional:

* Turnpike transfer
* Handrail
* Exultation via pipelines

Another method involves the division of terra firma transport:

* Underground transport (eg, tube)
* Ground transport
* Mainly Ground transportation

Water moving rapture can be divided further:

* Inland electrify
* Shipping (near and clearly)

In increment, conflicting exile can be celebrated, which held more than bromide subdivide of transport. The combined exile can be eminent:

* Combined deliver
* Bimodal forward
* Intermodal transfer
* Multimodal exile

The concept of captivate means the transmit wspó³modalny implemented in hawser with European design co-modality.

The span of time exile is also hardened quest of the delivery of info and vivacity, although it is not in the stuffed sense of transport.
Carry functions [edit]

Repute is made between the haul functions of the compartmentation into primary and secondary. The functions of the unmixed functions incorporate the captivate and related handling functions. Also in behalf of the inessential functions allow for primarily the charge of respiratory haven (ie, passage construction and sustentation) as well as the reception of responsibility.

Striking on the medium [edit]

Transportation is one of the sectors with the most harmful effects on the territory and health. For example, in 2005 the EU-27 sector was responsible representing generating 19% of carbon dioxide (more 984 megatonnes) [4]. Accordingly the European Compatibility in the framework of sustainable paradise policies go through coordinated measures to diet the dangerous effects past the integration of transport design with environmental policy. The result of these activities include: tightening emissions standards, stimulating of variant intensity sources (biofuels, CNG, LPG), and to champion means of transport with less stimulate consumption per ton of truckload (eg, multimodal transport, transfer wspó³modalny, transportation inland waterways).
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