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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Artistic Creations in Chalk on Sidewalks

More chalk artists : http://oddee.com/item_96589.aspx

Julian Beever is an English artist who is famous for his chalk art rendered on the pavements of England, France, Germany, the USA, Australia and Belgium.

Beever's drawings are rendered with amazing 3-D illusions. All drawings are flat, one demensional, yet appear 3-D.

Artist begins painting of an excavation in sidewalk.
Artist "excavates" hole in sidewalk.
"Excavation" continues. Artist kneels to create illusion of standing in hole.
"Excavation" completed. Artist kneels to create illusion of standing in hole.
Correct position to view world Make Poverty History. Artist poses on "top" of world
Side view of 40' long painting of world painting of Make Poverty History
Rescue image to be viewed with inverting mirror
Real man kneels on pavement at "well" and falling figures
Flat image of Spiderman rescues real artist kneeling on pavement painting.
Artis and bottle of Coke
Artist plays in pond.
Which man is real?..Which soda and glass is real?
People avoid "hole" and "stacks of bricks".
Girl on beach blanket
Laptop -flat on pavement
Girl in Pool- artist's feet are flat on pavement.
Biggest Fly!!
Box of Crayons- artist's hands are flat on pavement
Batman and Robin Rescues


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